Alterations & Custom

following are brief descriptions of the typical process for each service we provide


Bridal Alterations

Stitch specializes in all things bridal!

Bridal alterations should start 2 to 3 months before the wedding or travel date (if wedding is out of town). You will have at least three fittings with us before the dress goes home for good, we will schedule these appointments in person after the initial fitting. To book a bridal fitting with us please call the studio at 912 . 859 . 5159. For each fitting we request you bring the shoes you are going to wear with the gown and any undergarments that alter how the dress fits you.

Please plan for more time if you are redesigning a dress.

Standard Alterations

Although we specialize in bridal Stitch was created to provide the public with all their alteration needs. We sew (most) anything from a suspender button to resizing a blazer, all you have to do is ask! We welcome walk-ins for more casual items like jean hems, blazers, even bridesmaid dresses. If you have more than 5 items we would like you to reserve a time with us so we can assure you’ll be seen in a timely fashion. For any alteration that involves the length of a garment please be sure to bring the shoes you are most likely to wear with it.

The turn around time for normal alterations is seasonal, on our off season we have a one week policy, during bridal season it is two weeks and can occasionally take as long as three weeks. We usually are able to provide rush jobs for a fee, please call ahead if your timeline is tight to see if we are able to accommodate.

Custom Design

Custom design is the most time consuming of all the services we provide, please allow at least 6 months when considering custom.

Specializing in womenswear Mary Evelyn is able to help create your perfect garment, anything from an everyday shift to a full lace bridal gown. You are more than welcome to call the studio to start the ball rolling or you can just email a brief description of your vision, timeline, any photographs, links, etc and any other specifications you find important. From there a rough estimate will be provided as well as